Thank you, Government, for punishing us mercilessly with bankruptcy for growing without natural gas for 15 years and saving more than 40% energy!! 

 We worked with joy because we believed that happy people make a difference! 
Unfortunately, after 42 years, we are forced to cease the production of our beautiful assortment of Phalaenopsis Multiflora due to bankruptcy. 
We were passionate about spreading this enthusiasm and wanted people to enjoy our orchids for as long as possible. After all, plants contribute to a happy, blooming, healthy, and green living environment! Ironically, it is precisely this aspect that has prevented us from further pursuing this dream. 
Fifteen years ago, without any subsidies, we established a company where we didn't need to use natural gas for this energy-intensive cultivation. 
By doing so, we also managed to save 40% energy compared to the traditional way of growing. (Unfortunately, it didn't translate into cost savings.) Even the former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende expressed pride in us during the inauguration of our new facility! 
Sadly, in recent years, the government has disproportionately taxed electricity costs for those who are committed to being 'green.' Additionally, they completely disregard the nearly non-existent carbon footprint of our cultivation as a benchmark. Ironically, it has become more cost-effective for greenhouse growers to revert to using natural gas, even to this day! Quite baffling, given the current Zeitgeist, isn't it? 
We wish everyone, especially government policymakers, wisdom. We know from 15 years of experience in not using natural gas and willing to cultivate differently that achieving significant reductions of over 40% cannot be solely achieved through imposing regulations. It must also bring about financial benefits! 
We would have achieved this objective with our 'first gas-free greenhouse' if the government didn't excessively tax it. 
As an example, a 10% reduction in energy consumption should result in 10% lower energy costs. Ultimately, this would lead to reduced CO2 emissions and thus less global warming. 
Here's how it worked: In 2021, we achieved 37% lower energy consumption compared to 2009. However, our energy costs rose by 153% during the same period, including an additional €72,000 in energy taxes (ODE) 'for not being sustainable.' Yes, you read it correctly, that much more! (ODE is a 'Renewable Energy Storage' tax, levied on each consumed kWh of electricity to encourage more energy-efficient practices.) 
Lastly, and most importantly, we want to thank everyone for their trust in our company. We especially acknowledge the contributions of our employees, suppliers, customers and my parents. Together, we have spent 42 years, including 15 years as a gas-free greenhouse, building this dream. 
In the process, we have brought joy to 20 million consumers with our beautiful orchids. We can proudly say that for the past 15 years, we have been the greenest greenhouse grower in Europe! 
With regards, 

Maurice van der Hoorn